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Engineers, encountering delays and other technical problems in procurement processes, found consolation on using our website as a platform for searching the desired component suiting their designs. After laborious collection, assortment and uploading of different models of Crystals available for online sale by numerous Crystals manufacturers, Crystals suppliers and Crystals distributors, we are proud that design engineers found our database cooperative and highly helpful.

Owing to the superlative performance of the listed products on our website the manufacturers of those crystals had to double their production rate in order to meet the surpassing demand of engineers, suppliers and distributors. Our website’s cross-country network acted as the catalyst in boosting their sales.

Crystals Suppliers and distributors have also gained from association. They are easily able to track their global sales and increase their design wins. They are also able to track the ongoing developments and demand trends of the market and modify their approach, as they remain globally connected through our website.

Our vast database of online catalogs has the following types of crystals:

Surface Mount Crystals:
We have more than 24 types of surface mount crystals listed on our website. These crystals are best suited for portable and space-constrained devices including laptop computers, PDAs, cell phones, PCMCIA cards, Bluetooth, small rack-mounted equipment, and portable test equipment.


  • Surface Mount All Quartz
  • Low Cost
  • Ultra Low Profile
  • Fundamental
  • RoHS compliant

Thru-Hole Crystals:
The best thru-hole crystals are listed on our website, the salient features of them are:

  • Miniature package
  • Cost effective- low cost
  • Low profile
  • Fundamental
  • Resistant weld (most of the models)
  • Stocking standard

Thru-hole crystals are generally used in applications where size is not a critical factor and which requires a range of frequencies. Thru-hole crystals have more desirable temperature and electrical characteristics than surface mount crystals.

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