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There are hundreds of types of electrical connectors. In computing, an electrical connector can also be known as a physical interface. An ideal electrical connector would have a low contact resistance and high insulation value. It would be resistant to vibration, water, oil, and pressure. It would be easily mated/unmated, unambiguously preserve the orientation of connected circuits, reliable, and carry one or multiple circuits.

Electronic Engineers evaluate Electronic connectors on various parameters to adjudge the best connector for their gadget. Desirable properties for a connector includes features such as easy identification, compact size, rugged construction, durability (capable of many connect/disconnect cycles), rapid assembly, simple tooling, low cost etc.

Since no single connector has all the ideal properties, the proliferation of connectors reflects the differing importance placed on design factors. Online connector search enable the engineers to check out different class and grades of connector available in the market.

Through our website the engineers can confront the perils of connector search, and interface with humongous list of distributors and suppliers selling the biggest and most trusted brands of connectors from every hook and corner of the world. Our user friendly website provides you an inside look and expound unmatched features of various connectors available online through the largest electronic connector catalogs.

The following connectors are listed with us:

Connector for SD Memory Card:
SD memory cards are in huge demands for their easy to handle with giant storage capacities. This connector is customized for SD memory cards and has media half lock structure which stops media from flying out during ejection, prevents accidental loss of media and is also compatible to MultiMediaCard™. It is the Engineer’s-pick for numerous devices like digital still cameras, digital camcorders, mobile phones, portable memory players, PCs home audio equipment (TVs, set top boxes, etc.) and personal digital assistants.

Connector for miniSD™ Card:
Engineers around the globe consider these connectors prove to be the best among its class for its exclusive features and high reliability; making them the best choice for digital still cameras, digital camcorders, mobile phones, portable memory players, PCs and personal digital assistants

Connector for microSD™ Card:
These connectors are available in two media ejection structures- manual and push-type. They are superlative performers when used in mobile phones, personal digital assistants, digital still cameras and compact audio equipment; giving you the smoothest operational functionality.

Connector for W-SIM:
The high reliability contact structure makes it the finest breeds of connectors for portable devices. The improved features and highly thought innovative design structure gives improved operability from long ejection strokes. Double contact-point for power and ground reduces risk of temporary power failure and gives you most excellent operational feel, makes it the top choice for mobile phones, PCs, and personal digital assistants.

Connector for Memory Stick Micro™:
The innovatively crafted designed structure has minimized the mounting area, thus preventing negation of size advantage of the card. This connector is best suited for mobile phones, personal digital assistants, digital still cameras and compact audio equipment.

Connector for Memory Stick™:
This is an ESD (electro-static discharge) protection model whose robust and shutter-equipped structure which boosts the dusts resistance and reduces noise. This extra-cared and pensively designed connector drives your gadget to the pinnacle of reliability and performance. They are used in compact audio equipment, home audio equipment (TVs, set top boxes and recorders), personal digital assistants, digital camcorders, digital still cameras, portable memory players, desktop PCs and notebook PCs.

Combine Type Connectors:
These combine type connectors are available with variants that are applicable to two to four memory card standards - SD Memory Card, MultiMediaCard™, Memory Stick™ and XD-Picture Card™. These features makes them suitable for mobile phones, various personal digital assistants, desktop PCs, notebook PCs, digital still cameras, digital camcorders, home audio equipment (TVs and set top boxes), audio systems, portable memory players and printers.

Connector for CompactFlash™:
These connectors come with unique eject mechanism which achieves high operability and 5mm ejection stroke. Their metal-plated structure enhances noise reduction and mechanical strength and minimized depth design contributes to smaller body structure. They are apt connectors to use in digital still cameras, digital camcorders, flat panel TVs, notebook PCs and various personal digital assistants and printers.

Connector for connection with PC cards supporting CardBus:
Highly reliable mounting achieved by unique terminal arrangement makes them highly preferred choice of engineers for devices like set top boxes, various PCs and audio equipments. The product has three variants- eject knob, one step, and pin header and is also available in stand-off (0/2.2mm).

Connector for ExpressCard™:
Specially designed compact, low-profile and power-saving structure conform to PCMCIA Unified Standards. Its simple structure contributes to compact and light weight body and is in high demand by engineers for gadgets like set top boxes, printers, digital still cameras, car navigation systems, personal digital assistants, PCs and audio equipments.

Connector for CMOS Camera Module:
Its compact size achieved from thin body-forming molding with features such as camera module detaching function, locking mechanism to prevent the camera module from falling, vibration resistant contact structure, provided with an adsorption area allowing automatic mounting gives it a thumbs up for application in mobile phones with camera and digital still cameras.

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