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Communication ICs

Our online networks of communication IC manufacturers, suppliers, representative, design engineers and distributors of the leading brands of communication IC present an extensive database of online catalogs of communication ICs for online sale.

Communication ICs are integrated circuits used in general telecommunication electronic modules that enable the transmission, reception and analysis of data and signals.

The fast pace development of communication technology is highly indebted to the development of communication IC. Owing to their varied utility they are incorporated into different designs by the design engineers. Engineers, who find the online search of communication ICs a painful exercise, can now easily locate and buy Communication ICs through our website.

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Communication ICs
Over scores of communication ICs, categorized according to their applications and features are listed on our website. The prominent categories of Communication ICs are:

1. FM IF Demodulator IC:

  • Low Operating Voltage (1.8 to 7.0V)
  • Low Operating Current (20mA typ. @V+=2.4V)
  • Maximum input frequency (100MHz)
  • A ceramic discriminator is available
  • Bipolar Technology

2. RF Amplifier:

  • Wide Operating Voltage (1.8V to 6V)
  • Low Operating Current (0.8mA type. @ V+ =1.9V, no signal input)
  • High Gain (Power Gain 15dB(1.9V,400MHz input)
  • Voltage Gain 30dB (1.9V,400MHz input,1kΩ load))
  • Operating Frequency band (Up to 800MHz)
  • High Isolation (45dB @1.9V, 400MHz)
  • Bipolar Technology

3. Modulation /Demodulation:
Different models suiting different needs and applications are listed in this category. The prominent features of them are:

  • Adjustable gain and signal handling
  • Fully balanced inputs and outputs
  • High Common Mode Rejection
  • Bipolar Technology
  • Wide Operating Voltage and Wide frequency range
  • DTL / TTL / ECL logic compatibility
  • FSK demodulation with carrier-detector
  • Adjustable tracking range
  • Excellent temperature stability
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