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Charge Pump ICs

Are Magnetic fields and EMI from inductor or transformer generating glitches in your designs? We know that you would be looking for reliable Charge Pump ICs, thus we present to with novel opportunity and loads of facilities. Through this website not only you can search for Charge Pump ICs but also buy or order free Charge Pump IC samples from the leading Charge Pump IC manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of the electronic industry.

What is Charge Pump IC
Charge pumps ICs, or switched-capacitor ICs, provide DC to DC voltage conversion using a switch network to charge and discharge one or more capacitors. The switch network toggles between charge and discharge states of the capacitors. A major advantage of the charge pump is elimination of the magnetic fields and EMI that comes with an inductor or transformer.

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Charge pumps ICs product line up
1. Charge Pump Voltage Inverter

  • 4 MOSFETs built in
  • highly efficient negative voltages can be generated with only 2 external capacitors connected, GaAs bias power supplies & Op Amp's negative power supplies etc.,
  • Can be easily accommodated on a standard PCB.
  • A mini-molded, 6 pin, SOT-26 package,USP-6B package provides for space saving and makes
  • Easy high density mounting possible.
  • Low power consumption and high efficiency
  • Perfect for use with battery operated applications.
  • total power consumption reduction is possible

2. Step-Up Charge Pump

  • Provide stable, highly efficient, positive voltages with the only external components required being 2 capacitors.
  • Output voltage is selectable in 0.1V steps within a 2.5V ~ 6.0V range
  • Minimal ripple
  • Control switches to PFM (pulse skip) during light loads without affecting output impedance or ripple so that the IC is protected against drops in efficiency.
  • ultra small MSOP-8 USP-8 package
  • Small consumption current suitable for use with all types of battery operated applications.
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