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Developing an automotive controller device has to be in consonance with the changing trend and standards. If you are developing automotive controller devices, you will find the only way to meet today's exacting standards is to make sure each individual component meets these standards. This means high performance, large memory, integration, networking capability and functional reliability at automotive temperature ranges.

Engineers have to analyze different factors before developing a prototype. Automotive controller’s performance depends upon the automotive products or components used in them. We now that the developing automotive controllers need different types of components before they can be made into successful engineered products; thus we have a large spectrum of automotive products aligned on our website for online sale and purchase.

To meet the needs of different designs the Automotive Products manufacturers are now and then engaged in R&D, so that they develop products that are a step ahead of the present day technological needs. R&D alone doesn’t transform into businesses, for that a fully developed and intact network of suppliers, distributors and representatives of automotive products are critical.

Suppliers and distributors need to modify their product line up with the changing techno-marketing needs. For this they should have the access to the finest and most brilliant manufacturers of the automotive product who have been the leaders in their own product genre. We have the most comprehensive network of branded leaders of the electronic component industry.

N-number of components are required to build and design an automotive controller device, hence we have a spectrum of product line-up, comprised of top grade automotive product, on our website for sale and purchase.

1. Microcontrollers:
A huge range of microcontrollers as diverse as the application needs are listed on our online catalogs of automotive devices. Ranging from 8- to 64-bit devices, from CISC to RISC, with CAN, VAN or J1850 interfaces, with Flash, Mask ROM or ROM-less is offered by through our website.

Microcontroller Overview
Our online catalogs of microcontrollers comprises of attractive 4 bit to 64 bit microcontroller and microprocessor product lineup. The powerful development environment and the solutions for strong support to the product development are also provided.

78K Family (8/16-bit):
78K Core
The mainstream 8-bit core listed with us is the 78K0 core, which was derived for cost-sensitive applications. Therefore the 78K0S is used mainly for very small devices.

The 78K family is the newest addition to the 16-bit 78K0R core. It is also based on the 78K0. It provides real 16-bit performance because of its 16-bit-wide data bus and 16-bit-wide ALU.

V850 Family (32-bit):
V850 Core
The original V850 core is the ancestor of 32-bit microcontrollers. It is no longer used for new microcontroller designs since its successors- the V850ES and V850E1/E2 cores are readily available. An ideal choice for applications is the V850ES as it is optimized for lowest costs, often served by 16-bit microcontrollers. The V850E1 core was designed for high performance, to complement this. Its successor, the V850E2, pushed the performance bar even further later.

2. Graphic Controllers:
Entertainment needs of people have arisen in last few decades to steeping heights; such is the demand that infotainments and entertainment in vehicles has become a basic necessity. We envisioned this development much before it could create a furor in the market, hence we have the best graphic controllers available listed on our website for online sale.

Engineers have been develop astounding and unbelievable devices that pushes the standards and requirements of the entertainment needs of the people, for this same reason they demand top-class, performance driven graphic controllers.

Graphic controllers:
Ravin Graphic Controller Family
The applications of the future are the infotainment and multimedia in vehicles. For this we offer Ravin graphic controller family which makes sure that users’ ideas take on form and color.

3. Power MOSFETs:
The future challenges are the silicon solutions for switching applications in motor vehicles. A large range of low-voltage MOSFETs is offered on our website with features such as lowest on-resistance and temperature stability up to 175°C.

What is a MOSFET?
A Field Effect Transistor is a voltage-controlled device in the transistor family. This means that the output of the device is a function of the voltage applied across the device. MOSFETs are Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistors. There is a thin layer of silicon oxide on one side and a p-type material on the other side of MOSFETs.

A MOSFET has three terminals:
• Gate – this terminal is connected to the input device
• Drain – this terminal is connected to the positive node of the power source
• Source – this is the source of electrons required for conductivity

Between the gate and the channel, silicon dioxide is applied. The gate from the channel is insulated, which makes the MOSFET a device with very high resistance.

General specifications of MOSFETs

  • The Forward transconductance is about 1 to 10 mA/V
  • The input resistance is very high, about 10 to 12 W
  • The output resistance is about 10 to 50 kilo-Ohms
  • There are other specifications that must be considered before selecting a MOSFET which include breakdown voltage (250 to 1000 volts), switching characteristics, zero gate voltage, drain current, input capacitance etc. These specifications though depend on the type of application for which a MOSFET would be used

MOSFETs are specifically used in applications with high operating frequency (greater that 200 KHz), long duty cycles, wide load variations and lower output power (lesser that 50KW. The largest applications of MOSFETs are in Switched mode power supplies (SMPS). Battery charging applications also use MOSFETs. Faster switching time than BJT (10 times), very small switching current, least effects of temperature, lower losses than BJT etc. are some of the advantages of MOSFETs.

Some other applications of MOSFETs include:

  • With a small input, MOSFETs provide large output current. In transducer drivers for high power devices like motors and light bulbs, this characteristic is used
  • When configured in complimentary pairs, they can be used as Hi-Fi amplifiers. They produce less distortion because they are more linear than BJTs
  • They can be made very compact, which is very useful in integrated circuits.

4. RF Automotive Support Device:
Automotive application dedicated FR transistors are listed on our online catalogs. The salient features of them are:

  • These are suitable for 24 GHz radar application, like Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Short range radar (SRR).
  • Excellent low Noise and high Gain performance is offered by these cutting-edge GaAs technology products.
  • The NE450184C is dedicated for LNA and the NE450284C for Buffer/DRO,
  • Available in lead-free µ-X ceramic package.
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